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90th anniversary

Takeuchi Optical is celebrating its 90th Anniversary this year.
We would like to express our thanks for your loyal patronage.

                             Kazuo Takeuchi

Winter holidays

Dear Customers,

Thank you very much for your continued support.
We would like to inform you our company will be closed for winter holidays from Dec.29./2021(Wed), to Jan.04./2022(Tue).
We will be open since Jan.05./2022(Wed.)

Thank you for your attention.
IOFT2021 Participation

We are glad to inform that we will be participating the IOFT 2021 this year too.
The exhibition will be held From Oct.18(Mon.) to Oct.20(Wed.)
The booth is FUKUI zone
※This exhibition is exclusive to persons engaged in eyewear-related business.
TAKEUCHI JP-012~014 Release Information (Anti bacterial optical frame)(ALL TITAN) 

「TAKEUCHI JP 012~014」3 New Models
Optical frames with antibacterial plating treatment will be released since February 1st, 2021.
The frames are completely titanium made and all models and color variations will pass through antibacterial treatment.

Beware of imitation products.

We have received reports saying that imitation products of our house-brands products (NTS, Author, etc.) are being sold in online auction and flea market websites.
The imitation products contain our logo printed illegally.

Please kindly be careful not to purchase these imitation products.
All of our products contain our original manual (which has our company’s name printed in).
In case of any doubts, please kindly contact our sales department for details (like the model Numbers) before the purchase.

Please note that we are not responsible for any problems or harms caused by any product that is not authentic and sold by our certified distributors.
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